Living a double life hasn't always been easy for Benjamin but when his wife thinks it would be a good idea to hire an events organiser for her birthday, fate deals him a blow when the woman in question turns out to be non other than his lover!
Over the next few days, Benjamin faces a potentially dangerous juggling act as his wife and lover work together to organise the perfect birthday bash - but will his lover ensure it's one to remember...or one to forget?
What the Critics Are Saying:
  ''Right from the start we are in familiar territory...the other woman and the unwitting wife... or is she? This is Perdita's story and we're up for the ride. A Mills and Boon craggy jawed married man looking down the barrel of his 30th year, a marriage that is no longer exciting but still comfortable and all the dodging and diving necessary to keep a mistress on the side and a marriage in the dark.  
The author does a superb job of keeping things on the cusp of spinning out of control. The ticking clock, the supposed business meeting, the inconvenient phone call at the birthday party and the fear that the wife will pick up on something.  But as the chapter ends we get a whiff of something darker rearing its head from under the sheets still damp from "afternoon delight" Perdita isn't going to just wait for things to turn out right...she's going to make them right by doing something very wrong. Can't wait to see what her bunny boiling plans are...''
"The tension from the lovers is keenly drawn from the outset"

"She's going no-where"

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